Run campaigns with the confidence of data-backed analysis, replicability, and explicit performance reviews.


Contacting your entire fan base is time-consuming and often doesn't yield the desired results. Moreover, basic clustering techniques only surface the tip of the Iceberg. Flash Plays allows you to think beyond simple renewal vs winback.


A Flash Play is a set of micro-campaigns that group fans with the same characteristics, recommended messaging, and predicted behavior. You will also get several KPIs and plots that will help you get a summary of your campaign and the ROI associated with it.


Thanks to our advanced feature extraction and analytical models, we can identify and group accounts with similar behaviors (past and/or predicted). These groups build our micro-campaigns, which allow you to target your fan base with the right amount of effort and appropriate messaging, boosting your productivity and performance.


Year End Giving


As the year draws to a close, it is vital to secure end-of-year donations and finish your advancement efforts on a high note. Fanalytical's Year-End-Giving segmentation analysis categorizes your fans and donors into twelve unique segments, including identifying which donors are most at risk, as well as those are most likely to give even more than last year. With Fanalytical's AI-driven micro-campaign segmentation strategy, you can optimize your end of year donation performance by reaching the right donor with the right message.

New Package Sales

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Progress is vital in any endeavor, and through advanced analytics the New Ticketing Plan Sales Play will help identify which fans are most likely to commit to your team for multiple game ticket plans. Regardless of whether they are a single game ticket, mini-plan, or season ticket holder, this play has all the micro-campaigns you need to get them to the next level!

Scholarship Endowment


Your athletic department or booster club creates opportunity for student-athletes through its endowed scholarship funds. Fanalytical's Endowment Segmentation analysis increase contributions by segmenting their donors into different groups based on factors such as demographics, interests, and giving history. We enable more effective and impactful targeted fundraising campaigns with outreach based on sport interest, giving history or demographic factors. With Fanalytical's AI-driven micro-campaigns will increase scholarship endowment contributions and reduce department costs.

Capital & Facility Projects


Coaches and athletics leaders recognize that campus facilities and amenities are crucial for recruiting, training, and competing. Fanalytical helps secure the resources necessary to design and build world-class facilities which provide a competitive advantage and create an incredible game-day atmosphere. Our data analytics tools for capital fundraising increases your contributions through an integrated strategy to identify major and high-potential donors, segment donors to enable targeted fundraising campaigns, and measure and track progress and impact of your fundraising efforts.

Package Renewals


It's common knowledge that to have a successful athletics program you need strong relationship with your fans. The Package Renewal Play will provide you the advanced analytics insights necessary to continue to bring back your most loyal fans season after season, and how to win back the fans who said it wasn't you, it was them.

Single Game Upsell