Start Increasing Your Ticketing Revenue in 24 Hours

Find More Revenue from Your Existing Accounts
FlashPlay is our purpose-built, AI-Driven analytics product that delivers fan insights against a singular campaign goal for increasing ticketing revenue.

Prioritize Fans and Develop Relevant Messaging
Campaigns to increase ticketing revenue are far more effective through targeting the right fans with the right message at the right time.

AI-Driven Insights Delivered in 24 hours
Understand your fans at a deeper level and begin campaigning within 24 hours. No more waiting to act. No PII required.

Donations dashboard

Execute Ticketing Campaigns Faster

Rapid Ticketing Insights

Actionable Insights

Within 30 minutes of uploading your fan data, actionable insights will be returned in an intuitive, graphics-oriented dashboard.

Prioritized and Scored Fan Micro-Segments

Within 24 hours, the uploaded fan database will be prioritized and scored to create highly targetable micro-segments for outbound campaigns.

Informed Messaging

Data informed messaging is provided against each prioritized micro-segment

Risk Free Startup

There is no friction to get started: you have your first actionable lead lists within 24 hours. We're so confident in your campaign results, we produce analytical outputs without upfront costs or long-term contracts.


Go Deeper Into Your Fan Base With AI-Driven Analytics

Define Your Sales and Campaign Objectives

Reach Your Goals
Whether your campaign objectives are to land, convert, upsell, renew, or engage, our analytical models identify those fans likely to respond to your campaign goals.

Prioritize and Score Fan Micro-Segments

Fan Segmentation
Look deeper into your data with insights that reveal sales prospects. Gain a complete picture of hidden revenue opportunities in your fan base.

Inform Messaging with AI-Driven Analytics

Rapid, Targeted Campaigns
Personalized offerings lead to higher response rates. Rapidly launch multiple targeted micro-campaigns based on demographics or transaction history, with messages that connect with their priorities and interests.

24 Hour Actionability in Five Simplified Steps

Gather Your Data

For optimal results, we recommend five years of transaction data from your source system. We do not require any PII to deliver actionable insights.

Upload Your Data File

Your data is encrypted during the upload process and while stored on our server. Once uploaded, the system’s field and table matching tool aligns your file with our robust analytics data model.

Access Your Summarized Insights

Access to your results descriptive analytics (always free!) are available within minutes. We notify you when your segmented results are ready to view and download (usually under 12 hours). Our preview feature shows how many accounts are associated with each segment and expected response rate.

Select Prioritized Segments with Data-Informed Messaging

Select all relevant fan segments with data-informed messaging through our dashboard with graphical interface. The selected segments will be curated into a file for your use.

Download Curated Data for Use in Targeted Campaigns

All selected data will be compiled into a data file suitable for executing your campaign across 1:1 media, such as email and SMS/text messaging (where applicable). Once you have downloaded segmented data, you can choose to eliminate your initial source data from our server. You have complete control over your data.

Upload your data

Data Requirements

We have simplified the onboarding process to make it fast and convenient for you.
Just drop the file, we handle the rest. And we don't require any PII, so there is no risk.

To upload your data, simply select the file that contains a single transactional data set. Transactional data sets have a single record (or row) for each transaction executed. A unique transaction ID is required for each record.

Our application will guide you through matching your columns with our internal data schema, identifying potential errors as early as possible.

  • Data points. Only six columns - or data fields - are required for ticketing analysis.
  • Historical. Our system instantly analyzes five years of transaction history.
  • Security. Remember, no personally identifiable information (PII) is required for the analysis.

Below is a short list of required fields as well as optional fields to ensure a quality analysis. If you or your team needs help generating this information, do not hesitate to contact our data experts at (No fees for our implementation support)

Transaction IDrequired
Account IDrequired
Product Typeoptional
Postal Codeoptional
457659134A-21348962020-07-207352021Men's Basketball21FS1premiumsuite
275140010c000024PQ8tAAG19911202021FBvs Blue Ridge1
00878995246622018-12-021202021FBvs Groundhogs119063
We have prepared a sample file for you.

Instant Descriptive Analysis

Holistic Insights

In moments, you will have a custom dashboard with visual insights which reveal hidden revenue opportunities in your ticketing data.

Your custom dashboard displays department-level historical ticketing performance and uncovers growth potential. Your dashboard contains performance related KPIs and eye-popping visuals.

  • KPI screenshot

    Key performance indicators. This section highlights and characterizes your ticketing accounts. You'll find some basic information, like the number of ticketing buyers, to help you better understand your giving base. We have also included more advanced KPIs based on our proprietary AI models to give you a deeper understanding of your fans behavior.

  • Sanky plot screenshot

    Easy to understand plots.See your fans in a new way. Ticketing performance visuals capture key trends of your fan base. These charts can help you understand ticketing trends and opportunities.

Select Ticketing FlashPlay

Execute campaigns confidently

Run campaigns with the confidence of data-backed analysis, replicability, and explicit performance reviews.

Contacting your entire fan base with the ssame appeal yields reduced outcomes. At Fanalytical, we have created a series of ticketing FlashPlays that will help you micro-campaign your fan base, grouping fans based on past and/or predicted behavior. We help you achieve optimal results possible based on differences in your fan segments.

New Package Sales

ticketingnew package

Progress is vital in any endeavor, and through advanced analytics the New Ticketing Plan Sales Play will help identify which fans are most likely to commit to your team for multiple game ticket plans. Regardless of whether they are a single game ticket, mini-plan, or season ticket holder, this play has all the micro-campaigns you need to get them to the next level!

Package Renewals


It's common knowledge that to have a successful athletics program you need strong relationship with your fans. The Package Renewal Play will provide you the advanced analytics insights necessary to continue to bring back your most loyal fans season after season, and how to win back the fans who said it wasn't you, it was them.

No Credit Card Required to Get Started

We're confident that together we can deliver immediate revenue impact.

How confident? Results first, fees later.

Holistic Insights

Descriptive Analytics

Know your fans with Fanalytical's data warehouse-less descriptive analytics.


Start now

  • Self-service onboarding
  • Only six required data points, PII required
  • No data warehouse required
  • Understand historical performance by account, event or fund
  • Account and revenue KPIs
  • Year-over-year charts and graphs
  • Results in minutes following data upload

Attain Campaign Goals


Maximize your revenue for a single integrated outreach campaign.


Get started for free

Everything included in free, plus:

  • Identifies accounts and predicts revenue potential across a single proposed micro-segmentation
  • Includes a single export of the proposed micro-segments
  • Account review with our Analytics Team to discuss proposed campaign micro-segments
  • Measure ROI with campaign performance assessment for selected campaign micro-segments
  • Maximizes fan spending potential by unlocking all insights for each proposed micro-segments
  • Access all leads based on fan behavior segments for a single play
  • Account and revenue KPIs with visualizations to enhance decision making
  • Measure ROI with campaign performance assessment for all proposed campaign micro-segments
  • No PII, results under 24 hours, and no upfront fees.

Maximize Your Season Revenue

Ticketing Advantage

Maximize your revenue year round with ticketing sales department support and optimization for campaign engagement.


Contact sales

Everything included in FlashPlay, plus:

  • Data analytics and fan engagement insights supporting full year sales campaigns
  • Analysis and lead generation for multiple ticketing campaigns, including:
  • Ticket plan renewal segmentation strategies
  • Single game upsell segmentation strategies
  • Sports-specific operating budget identification
  • Premium seating cross sell campaign insights
  • Data integration and ingestion through automated data feeds
  • Sport specific revenue dashboards and campaign performance visualizations
  • Measure ROI with campaign attribution and marketing visualizations
  • No PII, results under 24 hours for each campaign

Looking for more?

We offer enhanced platforms and service bundles to teams and organizations that require deeper integration and tailored services. Contact our sales team to learn about our embedded services and create your personalized plan today.

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We have worked with some amazing organizations

    • Fanalytical helped us unlock the power of our fan data. Now we understand our audience better, which allows us to create more targeted promotions, build community engagement, and boost ticket sales

      Oscar Fernandez
      SVP, Technology & Analytics at New York Mets
    • Wisconsin launched multiple simultaneous ticket sales and development campaigns: football season ticket renewal, premium seating for new South End Zone sections and women’s sports scholarship fund. Based on their integrated data model, Fanalytical was able to provide targeted leads for each campaign. These insights allowed us to launch personalized campaigns, boost our sales effectiveness and ultimately increase campaign revenue.

      Dan Jankoski
      GM (Legends) at University of Wisconsin
    • Our team at Villanova has partnered with Fanalytical for nearly three years. They provide invaluable support for our sales and donor development initiatives. Their data analytics tools and services have helped us better understand, reach and connect with current fans and broaden the foundation for all our athletic supporters and programs.

      David Wishart
      GM (Legends) at Villanova University
    • Before Fanalytical, we weren't targeting the right fan with the right message at the right time. Now, we can utilize data from across our entire business (ticket sales, merchandise, email engagement, etc.) to see opportunities to provide fans better experiences and offers. We now have accurate data on campaign performance and have significantly improved our ROI.

      Carson Reider
      Manager, Email & Digital Advertising at Columbus Crew