Get the Whole Ticketing Picture

Our visual dashboards provide a complete view of your departments sales activities, prioritized leads and key performance metrics on revenue, ticketing and marketing campaigns.

These insights enable you to tailor your selling activities for season, individual and group sales campaigns, while allowing you to measure impact so you can make real-time adjustments and improve yields.

Ticketing Module Summary

Comprehensive,  Not Overwhelming

You want to see all sport and event sales activities and results without getting lost in the weeds.

Our flexible interface lets you quickly find the information you need so you can respond rapidly to new sales opportunities.

Zoom In for Deeper Insights

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Fanalytical provides an encyclopedia's worth of insights. Our visual interface allows you to explore your ticketing data through pictorial representations that are simple and intuitive, leading to significant insights that enable sales campaigns.

Don't settle for complicated reports that obscure your fan data. Get the ticketing analytics platform that informs, illuminates and inspires.

Ticketing Module Geo Data

See Ticketing Data in a New Way

Starting with our best-in-class visualization layer, our team tailors the visuals to your ticket sales goals. You benefit by seeing relevant, actionable information.

Confidently launch season, individual or group sales campaigns.

Focus on What Matters Most

Your ticketing software had hundreds of data tables and thousands of fields. How do you sort through the complex data on accounts, campaigns, venues, packages and prices so you can find just what you need to sell effectively?

We simplify your data structure and show you only what you need to campaign more effectively. Focus increases effectiveness. Effectiveness generates results. 

Ticketing Module Revenue Tables

Find the Signal in the Noise

Your ticketing software was designed to streamline operations. But reporting? Too many fields, calculations and formatting options.

We cut through the clutter by delivering visualizations linked to sales campaigns.

Spot Trends to Maximize Growth

Don't get caught flat-footed: Spotting trends early is critical to avoiding problems and maximizing opportunities.  Even the best campaign ideas require a midcourse correction.

With Fanalytical, you can see emerging trends. Early positive signs of campaign impact? Maybe it's time to double down and invest more energy in outreach. A fan segment not responding to your initial messaging? Perhaps a pivot with a different message or medium.

Ticketing Module Lapsed

Put Momentum to Work for You

Sellers live by the third law of thermodynamics: An object in motion tends to stay in motion. 

Keep strong, sustained selling momentum by focusing on segments responding to your campaign offers.

Integrated Dashboards and Analytics


Visualize All Sports

With dozens of varsity sports and hundreds of events, you don't have the luxury of compartmentalizing. You need the big picture all the time. Our platform provides a holistic view of tickets sales across all events with the ability to zoom into any event or sport for more detail.

Spot Trends

Our Burst Indicator identifies early signs of sales momentum so you can shift efforts to campaigns that are delivering revenue lift. The Lag Indicator shows sales efforts that are not generating expected results.  With Fanalytical, there are no surprises. Set and deliver on expectations in every ticket sales campaign. 

Incorporate Location Data

It's intuitive that most season ticket holders live within an easy drive to campus. Location-based analytics goes further to find opportunities for individual games sales or pockets of fans from certain communities.

Use Advanced Analytics

Predictive algorithms. Propensity analysis. Look-alike modeling. With Fanalytical, you have a data scientist embedded with your sales and marketing teams to find high-value leads. Your sellers benefit from more conversations and more closes.

Find Hidden Revenue Opportunities

Buried in your fan data are closable leads or new ticket sales opportunities. We separate needles from haystacks so you spend more time selling and less time guessing, while experiencing fewer awkward conversations.

Launch Campaigns Immediately

Our platform is built with a singular goal: Ensuring seamless campaigns launches based on actionable insights. In minutes, you can go from exploring target segments on Fanalytical to connecting via phone, email or social media. It's a seller's nirvana!
Ticketing Module Summary

Confidently Launch Ticket Campaigns

Identifying ticket sales opportunities is made easy with intuitive ticketing and sales tools to fill your venue and maximize revenue.

Our ticket analytics module gives you a 360 degree view of your fans to create sales campaigns tailored to their needs.

Get Campaign Superpowers

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