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With Fanalytical FlashPlays, you will see revenue opportunities in your existing ticketing account data.

FlashPlays let you see more deeply and accurately into your ticketing data to find hidden sales opportunities for this fall's football season.  Fanalytical utilizes machine learning and advanced  analytics to identify target segments to maximize revenue. Each play is comprised of several micro-campaigns that target specific accounts based on common sales opportunities.

Why Ticketing Managers use FlashPlays to exceed their revenue targets: 

  • Guaranteed 20x Return on Investment: our fees cap at 5% of revenue lift directly attributable to FlashPlay analysis (and for many clients, the return is 50x - 100x).
  • No Data Warehouse Required:  Utilize machine learning & advanced analytics today! You don't need a data warehouse to generate insights.
  • Zero Security or Privacy Risk: We conduct lead scoring without any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) thus there is no exposure of your school's account information. 

    Simple Interface, Immediate Results: Getting actionable leads could not be easier: upload account data via secure transfer. Within 24 hours, your personalized dashboard is created with visual insights for eight micro-campaigns.

Give your Sales Team Superpowers! Armed with campaign-ready leads, your outbound sales team knows who to call and what offer to make to each account. Prefer digital outbound? Our scored leads can be associated with tailored content through your digital campaign system.

Bottom line: FlashPlays deliver significant return for minimal costs! We analyze every ticketing account in your system. For a recent G5 school, we analyzed 450,000 accounts with total costs of $2,500. Easy to gain huge ROI with fees this low. Contact Fanalytical today to learn how we can help you sell more tickets for this season.


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