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The Campaign Builder accelerates the sales process with a seamless workflow for reaching your fans with targeted campaigns for ticketing, development or premium sales. Whether you're ready to launch season ticket renewals, an annual fund drive or a targeted micro-campaign, our intuitive interface connects your campaign idea with the ideal campaign segments.

The ease and automation enable rapid campaigning activities to high-value prospects across all revenue-generating activities.


Simplified Campaign Workflow

Ready for marketing that yields revenue? Don't limit yourself to outdated tools that deliver the same message to every segment.

Campaign Builder was built by sellers, for sellers.  You see only the information you need to rapidly launch campaigns for each revenue category.

Select Your Campaign Category

Are you preparing for basketball individual game ticket sales, or launching the women's soccer fund drive? Perhaps you're seeking to connect with faculty and staff about recognition at halftime on this week's football game. No matter the campaign category, we've got you covered with our intuitive drop-down selection tools.

Our visual interface displays campaign performance to-date across all revenue categories so you can prioritize your sales and campaign strategies.  With better insights come better results.


'WYSIWYG' Simplicity

Selling demands grit, drive and resilience.  Your campaign analytics tool should work as hard as you do, while making life easier and drive better results.

Fanalytical simplifies the campaign planning process by showing opportunities for new campaigns and reaching segments effectively.

Select Your Offer

Let's assume you've chosen "men's basketball season ticket sales" as your campaign category. The Campaign Builder displays the ticket sales and revenue results to-date, as well as available seats by ticket type. 

But beyond this performance data, Fanalytical also recommends specific campaign targets such as recent donors or last year's mini-pak buyers.  Our predictive models are embedded in the platform so the advanced analytics are already working for you. Talk about Superpowers!


Match Audience to Message

The Campaign Builder recommends 7 to 10 segments automatically for each campaign category. 

With these automated segment suggestions, your focus - and creativity -  shift to messaging and outreach, rather than to lead generation.

Launch Campaign, Reach Goals

You've selected your target audience and campaign message. The last step for Campaign Builder is to export your audience to your CRM or email marketing tool so you can being campaigning and closing. 

With Fanalytical, you're only a couple clicks away from launching your creative campaign and attaining your revenue goals.  In fact, we've design the tool so that you can launch multiple campaigns in a matter of minutes.


Campaign Your Way

No matter how your team wants to campaign - outbound calls, social media posts or email automation - we've got you covered. 

Fanalytical supports you at every step and provides clear, up-to-date metrics on campaign performance across all touchpoints.

Campaign Tools Build for Revenue Growth


Campaign Across All Revenue Categories

In athletics, the marketing campaign season never ends.  With myriad varsity sports to support, your revenue teams juggle dozens of active campaigns.  Campaign Builder helps you launch targeted campaigns across all events, sports and funds based on a complete view of fan interests. 

See Farther, Look Deeper

Campaign Builder gives you full perspective of integrated fan data so you can launch targeted campaigns based on a holistic view of their priorities and preferences.  Reach your prospects with the right message at the right time. 

Incorporate Location Data

There's a reason realtors shout "location, location, location" as the key to market value: Geo-based information offers essential insights into campaign opportunities.  Using Fanalytical, you can improve your close rate with campaigns based on a prospect's location.

Use Advanced Analytics

Predictive algorithms. Propensity analysis. Look-alike modeling. Working with Campaign Builder is like having a dedicated data scientist serving up new leads and segments. Your entire team benefits from more conversations and more closes.

Unlock New Campaign Opportunities

Buried in your fan data are closable leads and new revenue opportunities. We separate needles from haystacks so you spend more time selling and less time guessing, while experiencing fewer awkward conversations.

Execute Campaigns Seamlessly

Our platform is built with a singular goal: Ensure seamless campaign launches based on actionable insights. In minutes, you can go from exploring target segments on Fanalytical to connecting via phone, email or social media. It's a seller's nirvana!

Accelerate Your Revenue Campaigns

Identifying revenue opportunities is made easy with intuitive campaign tools to fill your venue, connect with donors and maximize revenue.

Our Campaign Builder module helps you launch micro-campaigns to connect with fans through personalized, targeted messaging. Boost your marketing savvy with tailored messages for each campaign segment. 

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