Well... this Video Didn't Age Well

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Posted on 2020-06-18

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Sometimes you look back and realize 'well, *that* message was a little simplistic.'

In 2017, our team at Fanalytical set out to build an analytics and campaign acceleration platform for college athletics.  Our collective goal was straightforward: to increase fan insights enabling campaign segmentation to increase engagement and grow revenues.

We sought to build a software platform that would help an Athletic Director lead more effectively in multiple endeavors such as enabling student-athlete success, growing revenues, and boosting the university’s brand.  And to announce our software, we created a series of videos highlighting key use-cases – including an upbeat soundtrack with a promise that analytics could help fill your stadium and fulfill your department’s mission.

HubSpot Video


But fast forward to the Summer of 2020, two years since we created this video: the role of the AD and their teams has perhaps never been more challenging, and that path toward a filled stadium has never been as fraught with obstacles.

While we remain confident Fanalytical helps college athletic departments to understand their fans and campaign more effectively. But in this period of disruption, analytically derived insights are so much less important than safely returning student-athletes – and all students – to campus and mitigating public health risks.

At Fanalytical, we admire the resiliency of ADs and their teams who step up to these challenges to lead.  We respect your passion, dedication and focus to creating opportunities for student-athletes.  And when your team’s priorities include insights that offer campaign opportunities, we hope you consider Fanalytical.