Black Knights boost fan insights with Fanalytical

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Posted on 2020-06-15

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AthnLg_AWPWm2Clr_AthltcsLive_gldArmy West Point Athletics adds master data management (MDM) and analytics solution to their fan engagement ecosystem to better connect with their fans.

West Point, NY (June 15, 2020) – Army West Point is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and the passionate fans that support the cadets stretch far beyond New York’s borders.  It is no surprise that the academy, having won the Commander-in-Chief Trophy two out of the past three seasons, would want to keep building momentum and more fully engage their supporters.  To that end, Army West Point has added Fanalytical to their roster. 

Despite the forces beyond anyone’s control currently with the COVID-19 pandemic, this is as an advantageous time to add an analytics solution.  Fanalytical represents a ‘firewall’ to help protect necessary development revenue streams today and – when the uncertainty over sports lifts – help to rapidly execute hyper-targeted campaigns for season ticket, premium, package, group and single game sales. 

Together, Army and Fanalytical will establish an integrated fan analytics solution to deliver critical objectives for West Point athletics:

  • Increase Team Productivity: Ensure all external-facing team members are focused on prioritized, relevant accounts that lead to increased revenues.  The current downturn requires greater efficiency and productivity for staff members.  Analytical insights act as a ‘force multiplier’ that will help Army reach higher goals without increasing staff.
  • New Lead Generation: Through targeted predictive modeling, Army athletics will identify & prioritize accounts with potential to philanthropically support athletics or to purchase season, premium, package, group and single game tickets. 
  • Boost Fan Engagement: Leverage analytically derived insights for hyper-targeted fan engagement and campaigns to deliver content that best resonates with supporters.

Fanalytical was ‘born on campus’ in Chapel Hill, NC. Its innovative revenue growth solutions enable athletic departments in all conferences and divisions to utilize data analytics tools and best practices to increase fan engagement, revenue and loyalty. 

“We admire the mission of Army West Point: All of us are in debt to service members around the globe.  Fanalytical is proud to have been selected by Army West Point Athletics – we respect its legacy, infrastructure and bias-towards-action.  Enabling success for our client-partners is our fundamental purpose and we are completely committed to helping their team optimize fan engagement,’ said Fanalytical cofounder & president, Paul Krause