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Born on Campus

Every superhero has an origin story ... a peek at their background that reveals the source for their passion and hints at their potential. 

Our origin story starts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels were seeking revenue growth to enhance opportunities for student-athletes. Carolina enjoyed a large, passionate fan base, yet the vast number of fans limited the ability to tailor its offerings to a specific fan's priorities and preferences. 

Founder Paul Krause, a senior associate athletics director with Carolina Athletics, sought to innovate with practices that had enabled retail, hospitality and financial services for personalized sales & marketing to foster engagement and increase revenues. Paul championed data analytics and marketing automation. 

Paul recognized that these tools and practices were applicable beyond Carolina and sought to bring these capabilities to schools across the NCAA landscape.

A Solid Foundation

Co-founder Dr. Anthony Franklin saw the opportunity immediately.  As the lead for sports analytics at SAS, he had enabled partner properties like the Orlando Magic, Major League Soccer and the New York Mets to embed analytics solutions at the core of their enterprises.  He designed and built analytical models that drove fan engagement, revenue and loyalty. 

Paul and Anthony recognized that delivering a high ROI for collegiate properties required the best technology tools available.  Unfortunately, most proprietary solutions came with a high cost of ownership and reduced integration capabilities.  The saw that the future of analytics would be simple, open and integrated.  

Rather than locking their clients into expensive hosting contracts and licensing fees, they sought to build an open-sources systems using the best tools available.  They turned to the the retail analytics tech gurus at Quantworks to build a leading solution for collegiate sports.


Learning Together

By late 2017, we launched the beta-version platform for early adopters. Our aim with select pilot partners was simple: test assumptions, learn together and deliver value. Together, we would demonstrate an ROI on analytics and further hone the advanced models that support collegiate sports.

Enter a transformative partnership: Legends Hospitality. In only 10 years, Legends has transformed the sports and attractions industry as the premium experiences company, delivering holistic solutions for legendary brands across each of its six verticals. 

Since 2017, Fanalytical has supported select Legends collegiate partners to integrate advanced analytics into Legends’ comprehensive 360-degree service solution. Our platform delivers key benefits to the Legends team and its partners, in the process increasing sales team effectiveness, optimizing marketing spend and driving increased revenues.

Coming to Your Campus

Of course, an origin story only offers context for the adventures yet to be experienced. 

At Fanalytical, we're proud of our early successes with collegiate partners. In only three years, we have been able to design, develop and deliver a robust platform for some of collegiate sports' leading brands. But we're more excited about what is to come - perhaps in a partnership at your campus.  We look forward to applying our acumen, curiosity and energy to help improve your sales and marketing campaigns.

Our goal is simple: help your team become analytics superheroes by understanding your fans, discovering new revenue opportunities and campaigning more effectively.  Ready to get superpowers?  


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