We're changing the way you do analytics.

No data warehouse. No onboarding fees. No PII risk.

Analyze your data, segment accounts, identify new leads, and confidently execute campaigns - all within 24 hours.

Accelerate your ticket sales and increase donations.

Our machine learning models deliver actionable insights, accurate lead scoring and fan segmentation without a data warehouse.

Whether your campaign objectives are to land, convert, upsell, renew, or engage, our analytical models identify those fans likely to respond to your campaign goals.

No Data Warehouse? No Problem!

Reach your fans with targeted micro campaigns within 24 hours with these simple steps.

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Gather your data
For optimal results, we recommend five years of ticketing data donation data from your source system. We do not require any PII to deliver actionable insights.
Upload your file
Your data is encrypted during upload process and while stored on our server. Once uploaded, the system’s field and table matching tool aligns your file with our robust analytics data model.
Access your results
Descriptive analytics (always free!) are available within five minutes. We notify you when your segmented results are ready to view and download (usually under 12 hours). Our preview feature shows how many accounts are associated with each segment and expected response rate.

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We apply data analytics and machine learning to find revenue opportunities hidden inside your current ticketing and donation data. With these insights, your sales and advancement efforts are more productive and lead to greater revenue lift.

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We have worked with some amazing organizations

    • Wisconsin launched multiple simultaneous ticket sales and development campaigns: football season ticket renewal, premium seating for new South End Zone sections and women’s sports scholarship fund. Based on their integrated data model, Fanalytical was able to provide targeted leads for each campaign. These insights allowed us to launch personalized campaigns, boost our sales effectiveness and ultimately increase campaign revenue.

      Dan Jankoski
      General Manager (Legends) at University of Wisconsin
    • Our team at Villanova has partnered with Fanalytical for nearly three years. They provide invaluable support for our sales and donor development initiatives. Their data analytics tools and services have helped us better understand, reach and connect with current fans and broaden the foundation for all our athletic supporters and programs.

      David Wishart
      General Manager (Legends) at University of Wisconsin

    Guaranteed 20x ROI. No Credit Card Required to Get Started

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    Know Your Fans

    Descriptive Analytics


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    Data warehouse-less descriptive analytics for your data.

    • Understand historical performance by account, event or fund
    • Gain relevant, actionable insights of your existing ticketing or donation data
    • Identify revenue opportunities in your existing fan base
    • Key features include critical account and revenue KPIs, year-over-year charts and graphs, and performance by fund or ticket type
    • Easy to get started: simple self-service account setup and data upload
    • Only six required data fields, and no Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    Attain Campaign Goals

    Fanalytical FlashPlays


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    AI-enhanced account segmentation to attain a specific campaign goal

    • Self-service account set up and onboarding
    • Only six required data points (& no PII)
    • Descriptive analytics of prior campaigns
    • Year over year performance visualizations
    • Campaign planning and optimization tools
    • Campaign options include ticketing renewals, upsells, end of year giving and more
    • Next day segmentation outputs
    • ROI Impact Visualizations
    • No upfront fees and 20x ROI fee cap

    Deliver Revenue Growth

    Fanalytical Season Pass

    $9,500/team or sport

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    Organization wide analytics and data integration.

    • Dedicated customer support for onboarding
    • API to push data to platform
    • Sport-specific revenue dashboards
    • Ongoing campaign performance visualizations
    • Campaign planning and optimization tools
    • Unlimited FlashPlays including renewals, new sales, and upsells
    • Automated feed into CRM or Marketing Automation system
    • Updated ROI Impact Visualizations
    • PII optional
    • 20x ROI fee cap

    Looking for more?

    We offer enhanced platforms and service bundles to teams and organizations that require deeper integration and tailored services. Contact our sales team to learn about our embedded services and create your personalized plan today.

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    Frequently asked questions

      • Does Fanalytical need PII?

        PII is not required. Our machine learning models only use transaction information to make account and revenue predictions. However, for teams and schools that want to understand spending across multiple data systems (ticketing, merchandise, and donations), we can use PII information such as email or phone number to create a "golden record" to deliver enhanced models and campaign insights.

      • What is data warehouse-less?

        Our analytics and micro campaign solutions do not require a data warehouse to deliver relevant, impactful predictions and analysis. This eliminates onboarding and integration processes, reduces costs, and accelerates result and ROI.

      • Do I really get results 24 hours after my submission?

        Yes! Our goal is to deliver results to you as fast as possible – in fact, visualizations of your account and revenue performances is available in mere minutes. We have a 24-hour delivery window to allow our experts to confirm the machine-learning outputs prior to providing access to you.

      • What is a Play?

        Just like a coach uses a playbook to align and increase team performance, Fanalytical has established a series of analytically derived revenue and account growth "plays." Our playbook is comprised of proven, repeatable, and measurable analytically derived account insights and segmentation lists which enable you to tailor the right message or offer for each segment or lead.

      • What is a Micro Campaign?

        Micro-marketing campaigns are a type of digital marketing or sales outreach that targets a specific group of your fans with a compelling offer based on their history or demographics. Micro campaigns are highly targeted and can improve sales and conversions, and help your department enhance relationships with your fans. Micro campaigns are more cost-effective than mass marketing campaigns and better address your fan's specific needs. Fanalytical's analytical outputs enable your micro campaign efforts.

      • What is MDM?

        MDM stands for Master Data Management – it's a term often synonymous with "Data Lake," "Customer Data Management," or even Data Warehouse. MDM is the process of combining different sources such as ticketing, donation, merchandise accounts and transactions. The methodology is designed to yield a "golden record" through the deduplication and consolidation of accounts or fan profiles. The end result is a "single version of the truth" for a fan or households spending, activity, and engagement with your team or athletics department.

      • Is the descriptive analysis free?

        Yes. The insights dashboard will always be free – return as often as you like to understand your historical campaign and revenue performance. Our fees are associated with lead scoring, micro-campaign segmentation and account analysis. And our 20x ROI fee cap will be applied: even with our low costs, if you don't see a 20X return on our analysis and micro-segmentation, you don't have to pay full price.

      • When do I have to pay?

        After you run your Play, we will contact you with an invoice, and we are so confident in our analytics that you'll only have to pay it if there is a return on your investment!