Fanalytical provides software and services to accelerate sales and boost fan engagement. We find revenue opportunities hidden inside your current ticketing, donation & merchandise data.  With these insights, your sales, development and marketing efforts are more productive and lead to greater revenue lift.

Be an analytics superhero with Fanalytical. 

* Cape not included.

Get Superpowers

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X-Ray Vision

Look deeper into your data with insights that reveal sales prospects. Boost your intuition with knowledge derived from your fan data. Fan segmentation analysis and social media sentiment scoring give your team a complete picture of hidden revenue opportunities in your fan base.

Gain the vision to spot trends and see the big picture, while zooming in to find new leads.



Don’t guess about what matters to your fans. Instead, know their preferences and interests, then use these insights to reach them with targeted campaigns and relevant messaging that demonstrate your keen understanding of their priorities. We don’t read minds, but with advanced analytics, we can help you tailor your message to those most likely to respond to a sales or development campaign.

The right message every time can leave your audience asking, “How did they know this is what I really care about?”


Lightning Speed

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all season ticket renewal campaign with the same message for all fans. Today’s fans expect and respond to personalization and tailored offerings. Rapidly launch multiple micro-campaigns based on demographic insights or transaction history, with messages that connect with their priorities and interests.

Define a targeted campaign. Find the ideal audience. Deliver a tailored message. Measure the impact. Repeat.


Super Strength

You exceeded your goals last year! Congratulations, but last year’s stretch goals become this year’s baseline. As a ticketing or development pro, you’re committed to generating annual revenue lift. Analytics give you the edge to increase revenues and deliver the resources necessary to fund department operations. Our tools strengthen your sales and development campaigns to lift your revenue targets and produce year-over-year increases.

Be bold in setting big goals,
and use analytics to raise your level of success.



Throw away revenue projections based simply on adding 5 percent to last year’s sales or donations. Predictive analysis and propensity models anticipate fan donation and purchase behavior by comparing their transaction history and demographics with those of other fans. Increase your accuracy and help your department craft achievable revenue targets.

Become your CFO’s best friend by reliably delivering on your sales and donation targets.



With so many moving pieces in your department and so many data points measuring effort and results, it’s hard to find the signal in the noise. Cut through the clutter by focusing on those KPIs that demonstrate measurable impact. Our dashboards provide a pulse on your team’s revenue-generating activity across all revenue streams so you can focus on what matters most.
Those who say “no one likes a know-it-all” clearly didn’t work as a sports revenue generator.

What Can Fanalytical Do for You?

With Fanalytical, there is no need for potions, power stones or secret identities.
Access your superpowers with a software platform that delivers fan insights right to your desktop.
How do we deliver? With an analytics platform designed for the everyday heroes of college athletics: revenue generators.

All Fan Data, All in One Place

Before Fanalytical, your fan data was dispersed across ticketing, merchandise and donation systems. These systems are great for their specific purposes, but imagine the possibilities when they all come together.

Discover sales opportunities. See your fans across all touchpoints. Anticipate their preferences and know their priorities.

Unlocking these insights and fueling your sales and development teams with high-quality leads and campaign-ready segments is the entire purpose of data warehousing, visualization and analytics.


Data Integration

We bring all your fan data into a single, secure data mart where our data hygiene tools standardize, clean and augment your records. We eliminate duplicate records, produce the “golden record” and deliver complete views of your fans.

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Mission Control for Revenue

See beyond the numbers with engaging graphics and information-rich charts. Our visualizations are designed to explore data and identify key trends. Insights lead to action. Confidently execute new campaigns and revenue-generating activities. With Fanalytical, you can plan, act and pivot rapidly.

As a revenue generator, you’re always thinking, “What’s next? Who’s next?” Imagine the impact on selling or advancement results based on better, more holistic information about your prospects.

Built by revenue generators for revenue generators, our dashboards organize information intuitively to provide critical prospect insights.


Data Visualization

We feature the most relevant data insights on customized fan dashboards. With your data represented in tables, charts and infographics, you immediately see current performance and spot future marketing opportunities. This enables you to quickly identify revenue opportunities and high-yield campaigns to plan and execute your sales and advancement activities.

Better Tools = Deeper Insights

Machine Learning. AI. Natural Language Processing.  With Fanalytical, you can bypass the buzzwords to gain actionable insights derived from advanced analytics tools. 

The result? No more guesswork, uncertainty or wasted effort.  Campaign with confidence and accuracy as our analytics tools deliver insights about your fans and their preferences and patterns.

We don’t expect you to have an onsite data scientist to unlock the value of analytics. Our platform does the heavy lifting for you with tools that automatically perform lead scoring, ticket churn rate, engagement metrics and more.


Advanced Modeling

Our analytical models are constantly calibrated to perform complex analysis on your integrated fan data. Identify patterns and relationships in your fan data and predict likely outcomes based on segmentation and unique profile elements.

Accelerate Sales & Marketing

Fanalytical enables seamless execution of tailored sales and marketing campaigns with your existing CRM or outreach tools.

Our aim is simple: increase the productivity and results of your ticketing, marketing and advancement teams. We enable your teams to move seamlessly from discovering new segments to executing campaigns.

Our campaign automation tools identify leads for your sales and advancement team and target segments for your outbound marketers. The result: a personalized connection that fosters engagement and generates increased revenues.

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Campaign Execution

Reach your fans and donors with relevant, timely offers to boost their engagement, while influencing ticket purchases and securing philanthropic gifts. Marketing automation enables rapid campaign execution and response measurement.

Advanced Tools for Revenue Generators

At Fanalytical, our modular platform design gives you control over the features and benefits that matter most. We offer flexibility to choose the key revenue and fan engagement tools that help your department turn fan insights into actionable campaigns. 

No matter where you start, we offer the tools to expand your reach and grow your revenue across all fan touchpoints.


Fill Your Stadium

Fanalytical’s Ticketing & Attendance Module is your command center for growing ticket sales across all events and sports. 

Our visual dashboards provide a complete view of your department’s sales activities, prioritized leads and key performance metrics on revenue, ticketing and marketing campaigns.

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Leave a Legacy

Fanalytical's Development Module boosts your campaign confidence with insights such as the giving potential, past gifts and personal priorities of current and prospective donors. 

Invite your fans to build a lasting legacy by creating educational and athletic opportunities for student-athletes.

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Be Memorable

Fanalytical’s Premium & Experiential Module identifies those fans, families and companies looking for a special game day experience.

No matter the event or inventory, Fanalytical matches accounts with your premium experiences, event space and seating categories.

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Campaign Continuously

Fanalytical's Campaign Builder Module accelerates your team's ability to launch multiple mini-campaigns across development, ticketing and premium experiences. 

Our revenue acceleration playbook is embedded in the Campaign Builder, enabling you to apply best practices for analytically based campaigns across all revenue groups.

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Wisconsin launched multiple simultaneous ticket sales and development campaigns: football season ticket renewal, premium seating for new South End Zone sections and women’s sports scholarship fund. Based on their integrated data model, Fanalytical was able to provide targeted leads for each campaign. These insights allowed us to launch personalized campaigns, boost our sales effectiveness and ultimately increase campaign revenue.

Dan Jankoski

General Manager, Legends @ University of Wisconsin


Our team at Villanova has partnered with Fanalytical for nearly three years.  They provide invaluable support for our sales and donor development initiatives. Their data analytics tools and services have helped us better understand, reach and connect with current fans and broaden the foundation for all our athletic supporters and programs.

David Wishart

General Manager, Legends @ Villanova University